There are different options for heating your Burnt Hills home. Several factors come into play when determining if an electric furnace is the best option for your house. Exploring these and talking to a professional will ensure that you make the best decision.


Electric furnaces are best for climates that are milder. In colder climates like Burnt Hills, this type of furnace will still work. However, it might not be as efficient during the winter when temperatures are especially cold, particularly for long periods of time. Gas heating systems might be more practical for places that have cold winters.


Electric furnaces tend to be highly efficient. Compared to combustion heating systems, there is no loss of energy via the flue gases. However, when determining the overall efficiency, you have to consider additional factors like the cost of electricity.


There is no risk of carbon monoxide leaks with this type of furnace since there is no combustion involved. If safety is a major concern in your home, this is a reason to consider an electric furnace.

Maintenance and Installation

Since there are no fuel lines involved with an electric furnace, installation tends to be a bit easier compared to a combustion furnace. When it comes to maintenance, an electric furnace also tends to be a bit easier. This is ideal for homes where time is an issue.

Heating Experts in Burnt Hills

It is best to fully explore all of your heating options to determine which is best for your Burnt Hills home. Our team will discuss your heating needs and goals with you to aid you in making the best decision. We can also help with your cooling, heating and plumbing needs.

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