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    The Sanibest

    The Sanibest is the most powerful version of a Saniflo bathroom solution. It features a grinder system that’s designed to liquefy even feminine hygiene products or Q-tips. It can be connected to various types of sinks, such as a bath tub, laundry sink, or shower. This pump can reach up to 150 feet away from your home or office unit, and it can also get this discharge as far as 25 feet above ground. It eliminates the need for you to break open the floor or install a sump pump, and it allows you to create a beautiful and comprehensive bathroom without the need for any major construction. The SaniBest discharge is pumped through a standard inch above-ground pipe, and it is liquefied by the grinder.

    The Sanicompact

    The Sanicompact toilet is a compact and attractive dual-flush toilet that can be used anywhere. It features a macerator and pump, and it can be connected to a sink. This toilet is ideal for those who want to build a small bathroom in a tight space or on any floor that’s away from the sewer line, such as a basement. The toilet and sink’s discharge can be liquefy using the macerator, and it is then pumped toward the sewer line through a standard 1 inch above ground pipe. The SaniCompact pump is capable of reaching up to 9 feet up, or up to 100 feet away, and it does not require you to install a sump pump or break open the floor.

    The Sanipack

    The Sanipack is a powerful and versatile up-flush toilet that’s ideal for adding a full bathroom addition to your home or office. This unit can pump vertically up to nine feet, and it can connect wall-hung toilets and sinks. It can also move wastewater up to a depth of 100 horizontal feet. Some of the features that can be included in this product include an alarm, which warns about the high levels of water in the device. The Saniflo product features four connections. These include the pump, the water supply, the toilet tank, and the electrical supply. This makes it incredibly simple to install, requiring only a few hours.


    The Saniplus

    The Saniplus toilet system is ideal for people who want to add a bathroom of their own to their home or office. It’s space-efficient, easy to install, and economical. The Saniplus system allows you to install a bathroom up to 150 feet from a soil stack or up to 15 feet below an underground sewer line. This is great news for people who are looking to add a bathroom at their home or office, and it’s easy to install.

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