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We’ve been in the Cooling / Air Conditioning business since the late 1980’s. Not only are all of our cooling technicians EPA refrigerant-handling certified, our technicians also take continuing-education courses to stay up to date on changing technology and efficiencies.  We are here to help when it comes to service, repairs or upgrading your cooling system.

In those 40 years, we’ve learned that quality, “name brand” equipment such as Trane, Amanas, etc. makes a difference! It’s typically designed and engineered better, with better “internal components” as well as being better protected from damage by using an exterior panels unlike many “cheaper” brands that leave the aluminum fins exposed.

“JB, from Guilderland- wanted to say how appreciative he was that SSG squeezed him in the same day he called to service his A/C. Got it up and running in no time and the house is nice and cool now!” –  7/7/17

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For any piece of equipment, regular maintenance and service is always a good idea: Some of the things you can do as a homeowner:

  • Change your air filters in a forced air system. Both summer AND winter if you have forced air heat.
  • Make sure your supply registers and return grills are not covered or blocked. Some furniture and/or drapes etc. can compromise your cooling AND heating.
  • Keep the outdoor unit free from leaves, grass or debris that could build up around it.
  • If you cover it for the winter, it still needs to “breathe” so don’t seal it up tight! Consider this: if the inside has debris laying in the bottom, which should be cleaned out by someone qualified, that debris may rot and damage the components it is touching. That is another reason why regular professional maintenance is a good idea.
  • All systems: keep lint (from clothes dryer) and/or extreme dust (woodshop) from accumulating on or in the unit.
  • Keep surrounding moisture (damp basement, sump pits, fish tanks, open dirt floor) to a minimum. Excess moisture corrodes every metal part and all electrical connections.

Some things to call a professional for:

  • Servicing and cleaning the outdoor unit AND the indoor coil!
  • Checking the refrigerant charge as well.
  • All the items that Routine Maintenance cares for. Modern equipment, although very efficient and typically long-lasting, still requires regular service. Our Planned Maintenance Agreements serve our customers well by maintaining your entire system.

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