Mitsubishi H2i Plus condenserAre you looking for ductless heating options? Look to Suburban Services Group for leading solutions that will bring energy and cost-effective mini-split solutions. The tried and true, smart technology behind ductless mini-splits has evolved from its introduction in the 1950s. Our technology allows energy-efficient, individual comfort control with minimal impact on your home since we offer both ductless and limited-length ducted solutions.

    The popularity of mini-splits has been attributed to the endless benefits the system offers. This type of AC system is ideal for rooms and houses that have difficulty with the traditional installation of ductwork. Mini-splits can also be used to supplement an AC system if it’s not reaching all of your home’s areas. A ductless mini-split is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a more energy-efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning units and space heaters.

    Ductless Heating Solutions

    If you’re looking to maintain a comfortable environment without breaking the bank, a ductless mini-split is a great choice. Getting rid of your old ducts and replacing them with mini-splits is a great way to lower your energy consumption. A mini-split is an excellent choice for people who want to avoid the unpleasant hot pockets of their homes. This is because ductless AC systems are great at controlling the temperature in your home’s rooms. Split-zoning systems allow each room (or space) using an individual indoor air handler to be controlled independently from other rooms, thus providing individualized comfort control within each room of a home.

    Ductless mini-splits offer many benefits, including:
    • Heating and cooling from the same unit
    • Flexibility for zoning and cooling
    • Extremely energy-efficient operation
    • Environmentally friendly option

    Similar to other types of air conditioning systems, mini-splits work by bringing in air from outside and then moving it inside your home to maintain a certain temperature.

    One significant difference is that mini-splits do not require your house to have air ducts. This means they’re much more energy-efficient and can be installed easily. Mini-splits are great for reducing your energy consumption and improving the efficiency of your home.

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    Trusted Ductless Mini-Split Services

    Over the years, our company has been able to expand its services by acquiring a fleet of trucks that mainly focuses on home comfort solutions, like ductless air conditioning. We work diligently to bring you industry leading solutions that will help you save money and increase your home’s comfort. When you work with us, you work with a team that truly cares. Look to us for your ductless mini-split services.

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