Water Filters

    If your home has water problems which cannot be corrected with a water softener alone, Suburban Services Group has a solution! Your professional contractor can select the mineral and configuration for the filter that best treats the problem water. The North Star line of Specialty Filtration Systems treat your water’s special needs and rid it of sediment, iron, bad tastes and odors and high levels of pH.

    North Star LogoNorth Star’s Whole House Filters and Central Water System reduce sediment and rust particles throughout your entire home. Our Whole Home Automatic Sediment Filter and Central Water System even clean their filters, eliminating the need for replacement filters! By filtering sediment from all your water, other appliances like your water softener, water heater, washing machine and dishwasher will perform better and last longer!

    There are all sorts of gross contaminants that can come from your water and build up in your HVAC system, leading to problems. Having hard water, which most homeowners have, hard water, can cause scale, a layer of mineral deposits inside your system. As this debris accumulates, it creates a barrier in your system that reduces heat transfer, forcing the system to use more and more energy.

    Water filters filter out harsh contaminants like heavy metals, chlorine, lead, industrial chemicals, trihalomethanes, many of these are considered carcinogenic. Water quality varies by area and is influenced by the processing your water undergoes. It’s also influenced by construction, mining and agriculture, as well as mineral deposits groundwater travels through.
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    Types of Water Filters

    More than four out of 10 Americans use some kind of home water treatment unit, according to the Water Quality Association. Some filter their water to improve taste, while others do it due to health concerns.

    There are a few different water filters that can help keep your system clean and allow clean water. For a residential system, the best option is most likely a screen filter. Water passes through a screen similar to the way an air filter works. The screen captures debris, while letting clean water flow through. For commercial or industrial systems, there are more efficient options. A centrifugal separator spins the water, so that debris sinks down to the bottom. A microsand filter can filter out contaminants up to 50 times smaller than an ordinary screen filter. By choosing the right water filtration system for you, your system will stay healthy and efficient for years to come.

    We can help you choose a system that works with your needs and budget.

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