If you have a home or other building that doesn’t have a ducted central HVAC system, you may think that your only options for cooling your home in the summer are to use a swamp cooler or opt for portable or window AC units. While these options can be decent, they still aren’t all that effective and can use lots of energy. If you are looking to install AC in any building without existing ductwork, you should definitely consider having a ductless mini-split system installed. Today we’re going to take a quick look at exactly what a ductless mini-split is, how it works, and what options you have for installing ductless AC.

How Ductless Air Conditioning Works

A ductless mini-split will work in basically the same way as any other air conditioner. All air conditioners work by removing heat from the air using cold refrigerant. This process cools the air, and the system or unit then pumps the cool air out. With a central AC system, the blower and air handler are responsible for circulating cool air through the ductwork and into every room. Mini-splits are slightly different as they have one or more individual air handlers that remove heat from one area to keep it cool instead of relying on ductwork to circulate the cool air.

Mini-splits consist of a heat pump unit that sits outside and works to both supply cold refrigerant to the indoor air handler and also to release all of the heat that the air handler absorbed back outside the building. The two units are connected via a small hole in an exterior wall where the refrigerant lines, electrical wiring and condensate drain line run.

Single vs. Multi-Zone Mini-Splits

A single-zone mini-split will only be able to cool one area or room as this type of system has just one indoor air handler. Depending on the size of the system, a single-zone system may be able to cool an area of up to 500 feet. If you’re looking to cool the entire building, you will need to opt for a multi-zone system. This type of system can typically allow you to run up to eight air handlers so that you can have separate units in every room to ensure the entire home stays cool. While a multi-zone system can be expensive and will often cost a bit more than a central AC, it will still be by far the most effective and energy-efficient option for cooling any building without ductwork.

At Suburban Services Group, we carry a wide range of mini-split systems and can help you decide which system best meets your needs. We also specialize in all other types of residential cooling, heating and plumbing services for customers throughout the Saratoga Springs area. For more information on your options for ductless air conditioning, contact us today.

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