Preventative maintenance is key to getting optimum value from the heating and cooling equipment in your Ballston Lake, NY home. Without it, heaters and air conditioners rarely last as long as they should, and they cannot provide superior performance. Read on to discover seven reasons to make preventative HVAC maintenance a top priority.

1. Protect Your Manufacturer Warranty

The manufacturer warranties that came with your heater and air conditioner are mutually binding contracts that outline obligations for both parties. Under the terms of these contracts, HVAC manufacturers agree to pay for repairs caused by defective manufacturing and materials. In like fashion, consumers agree to diligently maintain their covered equipment. Performing regular filter changes and scheduling annual tune-ups are common warranty requirements. Without them, the protections your warranties provide could be lost.

2. Lower Your Home Energy Bill

Well-maintained heaters and air conditioners use less energy than units that are neglected. Routine filter changes and tune-ups reduce stress on HVAC equipment by optimizing airflow, preventing blockages, and more. If you keep your HVAC maintenance schedule on track, you can expect to maintain manageable home energy bills year-round.

3. Limit Your HVAC Repair Costs

Taking good care of your HVAC equipment also limits the likelihood of problems. During maintenance service, HVAC technicians can identify developing issues before they cause extensive damage or require costly repairs.

4. Extend the Life Span of Your Heating and Cooling Equipment

By limiting stress and optimizing performance, preventative maintenance extends the life spans of heaters and air conditioners. This gives homeowners more time to budget and prepare for replacements.

5. Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Diligent HVAC maintenance can improve your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). You’ll have less dust and particulates settling on indoor surfaces and fewer allergens and contaminants circulating throughout your home.

6. Avoid Heating and Cooling Emergencies

The likelihood of having your heater or air conditioner suddenly fail declines with preventative maintenance. If you schedule tune-up service before the start of the heating or cooling season, you’ll enjoy reliable performance when the outside temperature plummets or soars.

7. Enjoy Consistently High Levels of Home Comfort

One of the best reasons for taking good care of your heating and cooling equipment is that doing so can optimize your home comfort. Well-maintained air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces can heat and cool homes uniformly. They’re better at extracting excess humidity and airborne particulates, too.

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