Reliable Trane Air Conditioners

    Trane AC unitSince the beginning, Trane has been regarded as one of the most reliable names in the heating and cooling industry. They partner with some of the best individuals in the industry to produce their products. The combination of their high-quality products and the experienced technicians they employ makes them stand out from the rest.

    Since it’s hard to beat a brand like Trane, it’s no surprise that Trane is considered a favorite brand. Having a reliable product is important for any company, especially during sweltering temperatures. Because of how durable and predictable the products of Trane are, consumers appreciate how easy it is to maintain their HVAC units. Also, since Trane units are so common, finding replacement parts is as effortless as asking a technician to service your unit. The combination of their products and services makes buying a Trane a favorable experience.

    Trane AC

    Here are some benefits to Trane Air Conditioners:

    • Variable speed blowers match cooling needs
    • Easy access controls and filters
    • Extra large coil surface for more efficient heat transfer
    • Insulated cabinet controls heat loss
    • Standard-sized filters allow for quick and easy changes
    • Steel or Weatherguard II tops for protection
    • TRANEBuilt in filter drier keeps moisture out of your A/C lines
    • Climatuff compressors backed by 10-year warranty
    • All-Aluminum coil for fast heat transfer
    • DuraTuff baseman for stability and support

    Paired with Trane air handlers, these Trane’s A/C coils and compressors make the ultimate in-home cooling. Varying sizes exist to meet your cooling needs, but all are efficient, quiet, and affordable.

    Trusted Bosch Air Conditioners

    If you are looking for a high-quality air conditioner that will allow you to keep your home comfortable, while also saving you money, then the Bosch air conditioners are a great choice.

    What makes Bosch air conditioners stand out?

    • The air conditioners are designed to operate at extreme efficiency and come with a variety of features.
    • Bosch units can automatically adjust their temperature to remove heat and moisture from the air.
    • They can also be programmed to operate at a specific speed.
    • Its high-quality construction and low maintenance capabilities allow it to provide you with long-term peace of mind.
    • Equipment made by Bosch is more affordable to install and purchase.

    Its high-quality products and features provide you with a level of comfort you haven’t experienced before.

    Bosch AC Unit

    Compare the features and benefits of a Bosch central air conditioning system and you will discover why more and more homeowners choose the Bosch brand. To find the highest efficiency air conditioning system for your home, look for the higher SEER numbers.