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Oil Heat – Forced Hot Air Furnaces


With the high cost of oil, Ultra Efficient (95%) LP gas (propane) boilers (for hot water baseboard or radiators) become a good option to consider if you are considering upgrading.

For forced-air systems: A modern Heat Pump can reduce your heating costs tremendously, whether added to LP gas (propane) or oil furnaces. An added benefit: you also get air conditioning!

Trane Oil Forced Hot Air Furnaces

Trane offers various oil furnace configurations with 83% efficiency and high quality components to meet any heating need.

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Beckett flame burner for low maintenance
  • Four speed blower
  • Lowboy, Highboy, and Downflow/Horizontal models for various configurations


Oil Heat – Hot Water And Steam Boilers

Buderas Oil Forced Hot Air Furnaces

“Intelligent Heating”

Buderus Oil Forced Hot Air Furnaces

Buderus’ line of furnaces and accessories offer unique and effective residential solutions. High quality boilers, coupled with their unique hot water tanks and state of the art Logamatic Control System offers the scalability and control for any home.

Thermostream technology: Reduces thermal stress and hot/cold spots in boiler,silicone injected cast iron for reduced corrosion and increased heat transfer, ST, SU, and LT indirect hot water tanks offer ideal solutions for hot water

Advanced Logamatic Control monitors entire system, allowing for:

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Monitoring of outdoor conditions for optimum indoor conditions
  • Priority heating of hot water tank
  • Dual boiler or two stage boiler control