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Choose the Generac generator four out of five families have already installed. Protect your home or business with the preferred 24/7 backup power protection of Generac.

  • Available in either Whole-House or Essential-Circuit Coverage– Choose between the pre-wired switch for essential-circuit coverage and the Generac Smart Switch with load-shedding capabilities for managed whole-house coverage.
  • Utility Grade Power – TruePower™ Technology delivers clean, stable power for the safe operation of sensitive electronics and appliances.
  • Mobile Link™ – Monitor your home standby generator via web, email or text through StandbyStatus.com.









The strong, silent type. Premium features are standard on the Generac QuietSource series, the ideal solution for large-residential to medium-commercial applications.

  • Quieter, Greener, More Powerful – Low-speed, liquid-cooled engine packs more power into a smaller footprint than air-cooled models. Engineered to run at only 1800 rpm for substantially quieter performance, reduced fuel consumption, and long engine and alternator life.
  • Remote Monitoring – Wireless remote monitors (sold separately) allow you to observe generator status, set operation parameters, and more–all without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • Continuous Fuel Choice – Features easy fuel conversion to run on your home’s existing supply of either LP or natural gas.










The only automatic standby generator engineered specifically for off-grid use. Your green solution for affordable, reliable, low-emission, off-grid standby power from Generac.

  • Green, Efficient, Abundant – Clean-burning propane fuel increases efficiency, contributes to longer engine life, and produces significantly less carbon monoxide than gasoline fueled engines. Propane gas can be stored indefinitely and is available at many off-grid locations.
  • Extended Run Capability Long Life – The Generac exclusive premium oil-recovery and circulation system virtually halts oil degradation, resulting in greatly extended maintenance intervals – an unprecedented five times the industry standard, with 500 hours between oil changes.
  • Quiet Performance – Generac’s V-Twin OHVI® industrial engine’s low speed makes it the quietest in the industry, with noise and vibration levels drastically less than comparable solutions.